CCA Programme and After-school services


In response to the double reduction policy, our CCA Programme is integrated into our after-school service as an important part of our curriculum, aiming to develop well-rounded inquisitive students who are interested in a multitude of activities. The CCA Programme at OCAC Suzhou gives students the opportunity to explore new interests and further develop their own hobbies alongside the normal curriculum. Currently, the school’s CCA programme covers school-level sports and Performing Arts programmes, as well as the school division’s unique after-school service programmes.

Distinctive School Teams

Outstanding sports and arts school teams help to inspire pride and participation among students, parents, teachers and the community as a whole, providing a platform to further explore and nurture students with strengths and develop their team spirit and sense of honor. At present, OCAC Suzhou has two categories of school teams, Sports and Performing Arts, with activities covering basketball, football, badminton, table tennis, baseball, rock climbing, fencing, golf, swimming, as well as wind, string, percussion, choral and musicals, etc. Students in these performing Arts programme receive 1to 2 professional skill development, which allows for continuous improvement in their skills and repatua, which allows for active participation in many influential events, performance competitions and allow building of our school’s distinctive brand.







Primary After-school services

The current school-based curriculum uses the inquiry based learning which are carried out in after-school classes. The inquiry activities are an extension of the school-based inquiry curriculum which focus on the development of students’ learning methods, while CCA Programme focus on developing students’ cultural and artistic literacy as well as expanding their technological skills.

Secondary After-school services

The secondary after-school services are developed to complement the academic learning programme, improve students’ overall learning experience, develop leadership skills and promote an engaging, developmental and experience across the four categories of arts, service, sports and academics. The secondary after-school services work closely with CAS and UGC to ensure targeted support is provided for high school students in building a profile for the university application process.