Founding OCAC​​ Suzhou


Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway Suzhou was established in order to better meet the international education needs of the children of overseas Chinese returnees and leading talents and other high-level talents in the greater Yangtze Delta region. With substantial support from the government of Suzhou Industrial Park, Chiway Education Group and China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. (CSSD) co-founded OCAC Suzhou in April 2016. This is the first school to be specially built for children of overseas Chinese and returnees and students who wish to receive Chinese international education.


Chiway Education

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Shanghai, Chiway Education has two systems covering basic education and higher vocational education, with operations in more than 20 domestic provinces and cities and overseas markets, such as the United States and Singapore.

With more than 20 years of experience, Chiway Education has developed into a Group of institutions with high-end educational resources and an advanced management platform. Through organizing and operating schools, Chiway Education provides a full range of educational services such as school operation, campus facilities, international education cooperation, teaching quality assessment, curriculum and teaching materials development, education informatization, etc., Chiway has formed a comprehensive institutional management and education training system from kindergarten to university, education and career counseling, and study abroad services. 

Chiway Education is exploring the talent development pattern required in the new age, and cultivating innovative talent for China’s future. The Group currently has five international bilingual schools under the brands of “Walton” and “OCAC”, three higher vocational institutions and over 15,000 students, with almost ten trustees and partner institutions. All of these educational institutions are Top leading brands in China in terms of school scale and capacity. Chiway Education has been awarded the titles of “The Benchmark Education Group with comprehensive influence” and “Education Institution with the most brand awareness”.


China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. (CSSD) was co-founded in August 1994 by the Chinese and Singapore governments. As an industrial zone developer and a vehicle for Sino-Singapore collaboration, CSSD has made an important contribution to the development of Suzhou SIP. In 2019, the company was listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Apart from its major focus on industrial zone development, CSSD evolves to be part of  China’s national strategies, innovates and learns from its past successes in Sino-Singapore collaboration. A strategic plan has been set out to “strengthen its base in Suzhou, expand its presence in the Yangtze Delta Region, increase its reach to important cities across China and explore opportunities in the Belt and Road Initiative countries in an appropriate manner”. Meanwhile, centering on the leading industries in the industrial zones, CSSD works to map a multi-layer investment landscape, bring in more industries, foster their growth and develop their values. Another emphasis is the building of low-carbon green industrial zones based on the idea of green public utility, featuring the uses of renewable energy and new types of environmental protection.