As a school community, OCAC Suzhou has worked diligently to guide students and support them in their efforts to create a balance between school work and leisure.  Creating this balance is a vital part of our school culture. 

Enrichment/CCA Programme

The Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) programme at OCAC Suzhou allows students to explore and develop new and existing interests, outside their regular class day. One of our programme’s objectives is to expose our students conceptually to the ancient Six Arts: 礼 Rites, 乐 Music, 射 Archery, 御 Charioteering, 书 Calligraphy, and 数 Mathematics. We do this by offering a wide range of activities that develop their social, auditory, visuospatial, fine and gross motor, literacy, and numeracy skills. Overall, our CCA programme aims to develop well-rounded and inquisitive students, interested in a multitude of activities.







After-School Sports Programme

A strong and successful Athletic Programme does much to generate pride and enthusiasm in students, parents, teachers, and the community which the school serves. Each season, the After-School Sports Programme provides coaching to over 350 students, giving them the skills and experience necessary to compete against other schools. Our coaches understand the educational nature of competitions and constantly help the players to learn the invaluable lessons associated with playing sports.