Founding OCAC​​ Suzhou


Overseas Chinese Academy Suzhou was established in order to better meet the international education needs of the children of overseas Chinese returnees in the greater Yangtze Delta region. With substantial support from the government of Suzhou Industrial Park, Chiway Education Group and China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. (CSSD) have co-founded OCAC Suzhou to increase the attraction of Suzhou as a place to work and invest in for overseas Chinese returnees.


Chiway Education

  • Founded in 1996, headquartered in Shanghai, with operations in more than 20 domestic provinces and cities and overseas markets, such as the United States and Singapore
  • As a market leader in terms of scale and quality of private schools within China, Chiway Education was one of the first companies to invest in private education domestically
  • A two-system approach: school management and educational training.  Both systems cover education from kindergarten to university, as well as university counseling, study abroad services, and job placement
  • Creator of a corporate-run education service model that covers many areas including education technology, extra-curricular activities, holistic education, university counseling and training, study abroad services, and logistics services


  • Jointly owned by the governments of China and Singapore – established in August 1994 
  • With more than 50 subsidiaries and gross assets of 20 billion RMB
  • “One Body, Two Wings” –  the vehicle for new construction, real estate development and municipal public utilities.  Together connecting various business sectors with resources
  • China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Public Utilities Development Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CSSD, is dedicated to the operation of public infrastructure. The company is developing environmental protection projects, known as ‘green public utilities’
  • Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since 2019