EY Homeroom Teacher (EMI/CMI)



  1. Attendance at Home room period at the beginning of each day.
  2. Maintaining attendance records on ManageBac.
  3. Identify and support students who demonstrate through their academic progress, development or well-being that they are in need of assistance.
  4. Pastoral care and PSPE learning outcomes delivery during homeroom periods.
  5. Ensuring UOI letters are sent to parents.
  6. Formative and summative assessment reports are shared periodically with parents.
  7. Completion of two semester reports per year.
  8. Preparation for unit assemblies and one unit exhibition per year.


  1. Core curriculum delivery in the English or Chinese language of instruction.
  2. Meeting learning outcomes the core curriculum subject.
  3. Ensuring that assessment outcomes are used to plan lessons.
  4. Conducting vertical and horizontal curriculum planning. In particular, ensuring that weekly collaborative planning meetings.
  5. Collaborative writing of plans.
  6. Submission of plans and placing them along with student work samples in the teacher folder, and on ManageBac.


  1. Be responsible for one extra duty per day.
  2. Be responsible for one school event coordination per year.
  3. Be responsible for one Co-curriculum activity per week.
  4. Conduct one Parent Teacher Conference per semester.
  5. Conduct one Student Led Conference per year.
  6. Be professionally consistent with the school’s mission and values.
  7. Note and apply the school’s policies and procedures as applicable.
  8. Other work assigned by Divisional Leadership.


  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. At least 2 years’ relevant teaching experience.
  3. Good communication skills
  4. Competence in working with a rich cultural mix of students and teachers
  5. Excellent IT skills, and knowledge of how to apply them in a school environment


Please send your CV/resume with attached cover letter in either Chinese or English to jobs@ocac-suzhou.com.

Please format the subject as follows:

Name + Job Title, 


Zhang San – Primary homeroom Teacher.