Psychological Counselor (bilingual)


  1. 1.      Provide triage to students as needed and timely in-person counseling for urgent cases, and schedule appointments for future counseling sessions.
  • Provide counseling services through a multicultural framework and can provide multimodal treatment and interventions to emerging young children. Modalities include didactic/experiential group interventions, group psychotherapy, individual counseling, consultation, and crisis intervention. Counseling should consider the students’ sociocultural, family and community networks, and each of their coping strategies. Adaptation of practical, action-oriented, short-term and solution-focused approach from an eco-systemic perspective consistent with Chinese culture should be considered.
  • Provide oversight of part-time counselors form off-campus counseling services.
  • Develop self-help classes or online materials addressing stress management, homesickness, coping with anxiety, time management, and test-taking anxieties.
  • Develop campus intervention protocol in dealing with campus mental health emergencies.
  • Conduct training and preventive mental health education to the OCAS faculty, staff and students; serves as consultant to campus faculty and staff.
  • Share on-call duties for any health emergencies.
  • Maintain confidential student mental health records.
  • Perform other tasks related to counseling as assigned.
  • Other work assigned by supervisor


  1. Bachelor degree in Social Work, Clinical or Counseling Psychology, or in other related mental health counseling degree programs.
  2. At least 5 years relevant working experience.
  3. Preferably experience working in an international school environment。
  4. Good computer skills-including Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.
  5. Good level of written and spoken English is preferred.
  6. Confidence in working with a rich cultural mix of students and teachers


Please send your CV/resume with attached cover letter in either Chinese or English to

Please format the subject as follows:

Name + Job Title, 


Zhang San – Primary homeroom Teacher.