EAL Coach


  1. To plan, develop and deliver an educational programme which supports the English Language acquisition of ‘English as an Additional Language’ learners.
  2. To provide an educational environment conducive to the learning of the students in line with the school’s philosophy and objective.
  3. To understand the needs of individual EAL students, structuring their learning so that they progress at a rate which challenges them within a secure environment.
  4. To liaise with, and support teaching staff as required.
  5. Creation of lessons within which students’ English Language learning flourishes.
  6. Teaching groups, individuals, and providing in-class support for EAL Learners as assigned by Secondary Leadership.
  7. Facilitating EAL student’s access to the curriculum, adhering to school policies and curricular documents.
  8. Modifying teaching materials and teaching methods to best meet the needs of EAL learners.
  9. Recording students’ progress, attainment and achievement in line with the school’s EAL policies and procedures, and general assessment policy.
  10. Reporting to class teachers and parents in line with the school’s reporting and assessment policy.
  11. Maintenance of the EAL register and informing Leadership each term of changes.
  12. Ensuring frequent and timely communication with teaching staff regarding:
  13. Timetabling and EAL support for assigned students.
  14. The most effective teaching approaches for EAL learners.
  15. Communication and how the EAL department can best support curricular learning.
  16. Developing and maintaining positive and productive professional relationships with colleagues.
  17. Responsibility for planning the curriculum in collaboration with Secondary Leadership.
  18. Conducting interviews and assessments of potential candidates applying to the school as required.
  19. Attending faculty meetings, parent meetings, Year group meetings as required.
  20. Contributing to in-service training as required.
  21. Maintaining discipline in line with school policy.
  22. Undertaking supervisory playground duties.
  23. Attending and supervising year group and class excursions as required.
  24. Playing a part in the co-curricular life of the students by organising or being involved with a co-curricular activity.
  25. Creation of and implementation of the EAL step levels document.
  26. Other work assigned by Leadership.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree
  2. At least 2 years’ experience in EAL teaching, international school K-12 experience preferred.
  3. Good communication skills
  4. Competence in working with a rich cultural mix of students and teacher
  5. Excellent IT skills, and knowledge of how to apply them in a school environment


Please send your CV/resume with attached cover letter in either Chinese or English to jobs@ocac-suzhou.com.

Please format the subject as follows:

Name + Job Title, 


Zhang San – Primary homeroom Teacher.